Artistic Director - Open Position

Coventry Singers is currently interviewing candidates for the position of Artistic Director. Qualified candidates may submit a resume to

Job Description

The ARTISTIC DIRECTOR of the Coventry Singers provides artistic direction to the choral group in a manner that enhances its strengths and compliments its character. Tasks should be completed under the direction and advisement of the Board, and all expenditures must receive prior Board approval.  

Responsibilities include:
  • Conduct and direct all rehearsals.  Arrange for a substitute in the event of absence.

  • Oversee all dress rehearsals.

  • Conduct and direct all performances.

  • Arrange and pursue future performances keeping the concert schedule flowing and consistent. 

  • Select music for concerts and arrange the program order. 

  • Order new music as needed or desired.  

  • Select soloists where required.

  • Audition prospective members.  Make choices for membership to the organization.

  • Select and arrange instrumentalists or other accompanists for concerts.

  • Attend all Board meetings.

  • Approve concert program from first draft.

  • Recommend concert dress attire.

  • Review and approve concert recording prior to publication.

  • Consult with Board concerning monetary expenditures prior to making commitments or purchases.

  • If unable to attend Board meetings, notify other members.